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As a child I loved working with my hands. I started as a 10 year old kid as a carpenters helper and go’fer, you start learning from day one. The first thing to learn is to stay out of the boss’s way, but be close enough to hear him mumble a request for a tool or a board or his coffee thermos, which he always had. The years go on and you acquire all types of knowledge and little tricks of the various trades he is performing. Osmosis, I guess. And now here I am in my 60′s and I’m the one mumbling the requests and my coffee always nearby. My education continues each day as new materials and better mousetraps are built to replace or fill in the gap for the items we used or didn’t have at all, i.e good hollow wall anchors. The power tools are the biggest improvements we have today in the building and fixing trades. To end this, tomorrow I will learn something new and meet someone new and perhaps make a customer for the rest of my life.

-John M Lilly   “Owner and Operator” Handyman Etc.

Matthews, NC


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